New Pigment

New Pigments. When man visits new worlds in the future, artists will be making paintings on these new planets. This new land will contain new colours, not only in terms of the discovery of new minerals, that are used to create new pigments to paint with, but painting will also change with the colour spectrums produced by a new sun, or a coloured atmosphere unlike the clear atmosphere on Earth. The future human eye will adapt to stronger or weaker light, strange brush strokes of colour will appear in the paintings of the future. The likes of which have not been seen since Claude Monet and his later paintings which changed as his cataracts impaired his eyesight and affected his paint pallet.  

View from the Artists Space Helmet
View from the Artists Space Helmet. Painters of the future will visit new worlds to depict landscapes that have never been painted before. On some planets, due to the atmosphere, artists will need to wear a spacesuit. The attraction of painting alfresco is the immediacy of working in such environments. Paint applied to canvas will absorb dust particles from the surroundings, that only the paint can absorb but is deadly to the artist were he to take off his spacesuit. 

View from the Artists Space Helmet is a painting about the barriers a painter has surrounding himself, the only outlet of his thoughts are through painting. We all visualise and sense things differently to one another, we are all cocooned in our bodies as the brain tries to make sense of our surroundings through sight, sound and touch. To use vocabulary to describe what we see often falls short of what can be described in painting. 
Created by William J Roberts