Dark Light

A lamp sits atop a table. It's glowing and its bulb is lighting up a green shade. The downward direction of its glow is casting a shadow from the base. A cold blue shadow turning into an elongated arm and hand, as if reaching out for something. 

Dark Light is a painting recalling childhood memories, of finding that the light in a room can be as eerie as a darkened room. Shadows seen in the light can seem more real than the imagination can conjure up in the dark. 

Painters Puzzle

Painters Puzzle is a painting that recalls childhood memories of playing with wooden blocks. It is also a painting about adult thinking, in terms of making a painting like Painters Puzzle. Composition, colour, balance, and tonal qualities such as light and shade. Some of the puzzling qualities that an artist has to unravel to make a painting. Puzzles that start to be learnt creatively with coloured building blocks from a young age. 

Building blocks are one of the earliest educational toys for children. Before children are even ready to learn about colours, or letters, building blocks can begin to develop a child's motor skills. The development of motor skills is a very important stage of a child's growth process. It is the foundation for being able to draw, paint and write. 

Created by William J Roberts