Pawn Shop

The nude was a subject central to ancient greek art and then declined in popularity during the middle ages. Figurative paintings of the nude figure reemerged again during the Renaissance period. Postmodernism has since pushed paintings of the nude to the decorative, sentimental or kitsch arts. Modern artists explore the nude in painting but with an abstract approach and the post modern era has artists seeing the nude in painting as passé. 

Pawn Shop is a painting about the aesthetic of consumerism and the commodification of art. It also looks cynically at commercial ambition in painting and bad taste. 

In the fine arts, the subject of the nude figure is not necessarily drawn from a life model but is painted by the artist as an aesthetic object. Pawn Shop is a painting about a question of taste. The fine art nude being part of high culture rather than a low culture or poorer society that can be stigmatised with the notion of the "Pawn Shop". The title of the painting can be miss read as Porn Shop and the use of the nude figure then becomes relative to an explicit side of consumerism. This is a play on the idea of the pawn shop being that which generally does exploit desperate people. 

Created by William J Roberts