Street Lamp and Star Snow

A street Lamp stands tall in darkened sky's, the light glows bright lighting up snow covered ground and snowfall. 

Street lamp and Star Snow is a painting about the largeness of the universe and the smallness of it, macro and micro. The lamp's bulb becomes a Sun as stars and planets orbit. The manmade juxtaposed with nature, the insignificance of human life amongst the grander scheme of things. Or the significance of man's ability to replicate the suns light.

Studio of Landscapes
A pitch roofed building floats in a sea of sky blue. Nailed stretched canvas' adorn the facades of the building painted in the style of Philip Guston. These canvas' are smothered in varying levels of skill and styled landscape paintings. 

Studio of Landscapes is in a sense a literal painting of a landscape artists hand made studio built from unwanted paintings. Yet to some extent it is a painting about how artists pay for a roof over their heads. Selling artworks to adorn the homes of collectors to pay for their own bricks and mortar. Studio of landscapes is also a painting of a sculpture. It reminds us of our attachment to our surroundings, the landscape and its materials can be sculpted to become the very shelter that protects us from it. 
Created by William J Roberts