Rothko's Visitor

An Astronauts helmet and visor fills the painting entitled Rothko's Visitor. The Screen of the helmet is reflecting the interior of Mark Rothko's Chapel. On its walls Three of the fourteen black but colour hued paintings can be seen in the reflection. 

Rothko's Visitor could be seen as a self portrait. Or a future human revisiting earth and its worldly treasures. But it is also about the way we can travel through the world wide web and visit art spaces and art works. The visor of the visitor resembling the familiar shape of a smartphone or tablet computer. 

This painting is also a homage to the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. The moment near the end of the film, where the lead character Dave meets his younger and older self. Could this painting be a portrait of Rothko himself revisiting his Chapel in another time and place? 

Created by William J Roberts