Painters Thoughts

A comfy chair sits empty. It's backrest, arms and the floor upon which it stands is dabbled in paint marks. 

Painters Thoughts captures the repeated and accidental marks and patterns that an artist has made moving back and forth from making a painting to his chair to ponder his next brush mark. Scratching his head with paint covered hands the artist leaves mark after mark on the arm chair. 

On closer inspection the chair is painted to appear to have as it covering, stretched canvas with tacks holding it in place. Questioning wether the accidental, subconscious and random marks of paint made by an artist on a piece of furniture are as precious as any thoughtful timed marks made on a painting hung on an easel. The stretched canvas covering the chair looks like a spider has weaved its web, the enlarged black tacks holding the canvas in place look like a spider with its many eyes staring out. There is a presence even though there is the absence of the figure of a artist. The detail of the web or weave of the canvas describing the complexity of an artists thoughts like a scribbled bubble diagram of ideas.  

A nod to the abstract expressionists, this painting also highlights the way some deceased famous artists homes or studios have become museums and are visited by people trying to tap into the mind of a painter. Or the abstract expressionists jar of paint brushes auctioned for thousands of pounds. But perhaps this importance of nostalgia is all there already in the paintings themselves, everything else is just afterthought. 

Created by William J Roberts