Paint on Tap

Paint on Tap. A painters fetish and a painting about the beginnings of the substance of paint. Where once the crushing of coloured stone by a caveman was mixed with his own spit, thousands of years later the mining of yellow ocher from deep underground for its value or the grinding of azurite for a new colour called blue. Paint has become a readily available substance, which once was precious.

Paint Eater

A similar painting to Paint on Tap, with the idea of the painter that eats, sleeps and shits paint is the painting titled Paint Eater

A room that could be the corner of an artists studio depicts the aftermath of an excessive night out. Paint Eater is a painting about the myth of Van Gogh eating paint to get some kind of answer to the dilemmas he had in his life and his paintings. 

The colour blue is key to this painting. Blue is a colour not commonly found in food, so to depict such a scene as this in any other colour than blue would portray the sought of sight seen in the alleyways of a city centre on a weekend. The colour blue gives the clue that the "eater" has been consuming something not edible. There is also a nod to another artist, the painter Eves Klein. The signature blue hand prints and the tragedy of his untimely death. 

Created by William J Roberts