Looking at Pissarro
In the painting Looking at Pissarro a telescope points at the direction of a distant comet. The legs of the telescope sit firmly on a moon like landscape. In the foreground are two footprints not too dissimilar to the famous footprints that were photographed on the first lunar landings and the first footprints made by an astronaut. 

Looking for Pissarro is a painting made after reminiscing an exhibition poster of a painting titled The shepherdess by Camille Pissarro, pinned up on a cork board along with images of stars and planets in a bedroom as a child. 
The Van Gogh Trail

In the future, people take virtual holidays set inside a painting. In a gallery of the future you will view a painting on canvas of your choice and with the flick of a switch you can walk straight into a virtual version of that painting and find yourself immersed in a world of paint. 

A popular destination is The starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. People not only view an artists vision from a two dimensional painting on canvas, but can actually live the virtual version of it. Walk through wavy lined hills, stop for dinner at a cafe and enjoy the night sky as Van Gogh saw it. Pick up a vase of Sunflowers or visit The Yellow House. From any one of his self portraits you will be able to meet Van Gogh himself. 

Created by William J Roberts